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We take the buying process as seriously as our buyers do, therefore we offer nothing but the highest quality of service to our clients. When you decide to purchase your home, make sure you hire someone whom you can trust and someone who wants to earn your business. Buying your home is one of the most important purchases you will make, so make sure you have the right agent who can provide you with the experience and the service you deserve.Some useful tips while buying:


Here are some things you should watch for when buying a home:


Make sure you have set your budget realistically. There are many costs that you must consider before you purchase a property:
* Down payment
* Purchase price
* Legal fees
* Property inspection costs
* Mortgage payments
* Utilities
* Insurance
* Maintenance
* Property taxes
* Security
* The industry rule of thumb is to spend about 30% of gross income on housing. Spending more than this may lead to financial hardship.


Find right home

When buying a home, you must make sure that it fits your needs. Ask yourself the following questions:
* Is the house large enough for your family?
* For how long will it be large enough if you are just starting a family?
* Is it close to schools, shopping, work?
* What kind of neighborhood is it in?
* Are there other amenities close by?
* Is there any planned development for the area? (check with city planning)
* If it is an older house, ask if it leaks or has heat problems in the winter. If you buy a property in the summer, you will not necessarily know how well it performs under adverse conditions.


Evaluating the property

Once you have narrowed down your search to several homes that potentially fit your needs, you should make a checklist of each so that you can compare them. Contract Language
You will need to know a few facts about the legal process that you must follow when buying a home.



There may be restrictions on the property that may have resulted from city zoning or other means. They must be disclosed by the seller in the purchase contract.


Property Inspection

Buyers should always have the property inspected before they close any sale. Structural damage, leaks, etc. may not have been disclosed by the seller, or the seller may have not even have been aware of them. Regardless, a buyer who does not have a property inspected runs the risk of assuming the costs of repair of any hidden defects of a property. See our list of property inspectors if you do not have one in mind already. Remember, property inspection is a competitive industry, so call around and negotiate a good price for yourself.


I will arrange these services for you

• Top ranked mortgage Broker (Bad credit No Problem)
• Home inspector
• Real estate lawyers
• Professional trades people
• Reliable and professional movers.




Customer satisfaction has been our primary goal. our valuable clients testimonial about us regarding their experience.


Many thanks to Gurmeet Garcha who helped us in buying and lastly, settling down in our new home in Toronto. He helped at every step including locating, site visiting, price negotiations and eventually, sealing the deal. I really appreciate his sincere efforts and definitely recommend his realty services.

Roberts Gibbs

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